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Christman Screenprint, Inc. has been in the the graphics arts business since the 1917, and today is the oldest active screen printer in the state of Michigan. A family owned business, it is now well into the fourth generation of ownership.

We are capable of screen printing on many surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, metal, glass, wood, and vinyl. The nature of the ink and the depth of the deposit is such that it withstands weathering, sunlight, and abrasion. Any product which is used outdoors or facing the sun should be screen printed. In addition, the cost of printing large sheets (banners, posters, signs, etc.) in small quantities many times can be done economically by the screen process.

Christman Screenprint, Inc. not only pioneered T-shirt screen printing in Battle Creek, but is one of the only FULL-SERVICE screen printers in Michigan.

Our art department will professionally produce your order no matter whether you can provide the latest in "electronic" art or only a rough pencil sketch. We have all the computer power needed to do your art. This allows us to typeset, clean up or design from scratch. For simple designs and typesetting, you can start your project with us at a reasonable cost.

In 2006 we purchased a Roland Sol-Jet and entered the newest era of printing. This enables us to print directly from computer to substrate, without the labor of shooting screens and manually printing one color at a time. This enables us to print four color process on a lot of the staple materials we have always sold in the past, and saves labor and film separation costs for our clients. We are sure this is the future of printing.

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